A special message for busy men tired of not seeing results:
How to get insanely fit 
while still having a life
12-week DreamBody Transformation Program helps you burn fat, build muscle, and get in the best shape of your life — then stay that way. 

Get a lean, built body you’re proud of — eating whatever you want — and working out 5 hours (or less) per week.
Bradley lost 27lbs in 12 weeks
while eating whatever he wanted
“I took a chance and got in the best shape of my life. A year later I’m in even better shape. If you want to know how I did it, contact Sameem” 

- Bradley K.

Imagine 3 months from today…
You’re shaving in the bathroom with a towel around your waist. 

Then your girl barges in, unannounced...

The moment she sees you here eyes light up. She looks you up and down and can’t help but run her fingers up your rippling back. She rubs her palm across your broad shoulders, moving slowly down your hard, defined arms, and finally resting her hand over your brand-new 6-pack. 

She shuffles closer and she gives an approving “mmmmmmm”. 

“Can I help you?” you ask.

“Can we order pizza and stay in tonight?” she says.

You think for a second. It’s been a heck of a day.  

You popped out of bed, took care of your morning routine, and went on to breeze through the work day. After that, you powered through a 45-minutes workout that left you drenched in sweat and almost unable to move. 

Let’s see, eggs for breakfast, sushi at lunch… yep, you’re still in range with your macros. Plenty of room for pizza and beer for dinner. Maybe have a salad first but then you’re golden.

“Sure.” you say. 

At this point you’ve got your calorie and macro intake so dialed in you know you can have a good 3-4 slices before any of this starts to cover up those abs.

And if you can’t help yourself, if you go all “fat kid mode” and bulldoze through the whole pie yourself, you know exactly how to tweak your nutrition and exercise plan to undo the damage.

It’s laughable. After all the hard work you put in trying to get fit yet getting nowhere, all of a sudden you’re in complete control. You know exactly what levers to pull to bulk up or slim down.

You wake up each day ready to rock. You’re radiating confidence and can’t seem to wipe that stupid smile off your face.

You’ve transformed your body, your habits, your mind and even your life all in a couple weeks.

Best part, you’re doing this while eating whatever you want and only working out ~5 hours/week. 

It’s so easy to maintain that you’ve got no signs of slowing down. In fact, you’re just getting warmed up...

“It’s been about 3 months now and I already feel like a different person… and we’re just getting started.”

-- Marcello Butron
Brandon lost 24lbs of raw fat in 4 months
"I took a chance with Sameem it ended up being a real good choice. Sameem is dedicated and serious about his work... He’s willing to help you and go the whole 9 yards. I would definitely recommend him to anyone thinking of making a life change.”

-Brandon Crumpton
Justin J., lost 10lbs of fat 
and gained 5lbs of muscle in under 3 months
"Since training with Sameem my mode/day-to-day outlook is more positive and I can tell how this impacts the quality of my day and the people I come in contact with. Also, I'm in the best shape I've ever been in and I'm 30.” 

- Justin J
Hi, I’m Sameem Rouhani, and I’m a personal trainer living in L.A., California.
For the past 7 years, I’ve helped guys build custom exercise and nutrition plans that let them get in the best shape of their life and stay that way. Without giving up their favorite foods or living at the gym.

I got my Bachelor’s in Exercise Physiology, my fitness training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and a Precision Nutrition L1 certification. 

The reason I’ve dedicated hundreds of thousands hours and over $80,000 to learning and teaching fitness is simple....

My sister’s a bitch. 

(I love her but it’s true.)
When I was 12 years old, while having a nice pancake breakfast at iHop with her and my mom, my sister said to me: ““You’ll never get a girlfriend, you’re so unattractive. You’re a fatass””.

My heart sunk to the floor. It took everything I had not to run out of the restaurant in tears. What little confidence I had up until then shattered like glass being smashed by a sledgehammer.

As much as it hurt, this moment changed my life.

It’s when I decided to learn everything I could about fitness so I could look great, get a girlfriend, and finally feel good about myself.

Of course, I was 12, so I didn’t exactly get off to a roaring start.

It wasn’t until I was 16 and skinny as a lamp post that I started lifting.

And it wasn’t until college that I finally gave a damn about nutrition.

After the $80,000 education, a decade plus of lifting, and trying every fitness and nutrition plan under the sun, I discovered something incredible.

Believe it or not, the more in shape I got the easier it was to maintain. That’s because I learned that fitness isn’t about finding the best routine or the latest diet based on “cutting-edge” research.

Being fit and happy is all about finding the nutrition and exercise plan that works for you.

I went from a skin-and-bone teenager, to a strong but chunky college kid,
to getting the body I wanted at 24
I learned the hard way, after years of getting stuck, and making progress only to fall back into my old routines (and old, flabby body) that the common wisdom out there isn’t cutting it.

Whenever I was putting in the work but not seeing results, I was making one of these three common mistakes...

3 reasons why you’re not seeing results (and what to do about it)
1.  You overlooked the 80/20 rule of fitness.
The fact is, if you’re working out hard but your nutrition plan comes down to “try to eat more salad” then you’re setting yourself up for failure.

The unsexy truth is 80% of fitness is nutrition. 

If you’re trying to get fit and not counting calories or macros, you’re basically trying to drive a Ferrari with the emergency brake on.

But it’s okay. So long as you can do basic 3rd-grade math you can become a pro at counting calories and macros in no time.

Of course, knowing what to track (and what ranges work for you) depends completely on your goals, exercise routine, and lifestyle.

So if you’re getting your nutrition and exercise plans from different places, there’s a good chance they’re not working together to drive you towards your goal.

The results: Slow (if any) progress, frustration, and eventually giving up.
2.  You got tricked by “The Fast and Furious Trap”
Everyday we headlines like:

"The Amazing Plan Big Hollywood Star Used to Bulk Up for Fast and Furious 122!"

Of course, after shooting the movie those stars have gone back to their normal bodies. Because even for rich people who make a living looking good -- those plans weren’t sustainable.

You may have experienced this yourself. You went all-in on some cool sounding routine and for a while it was great. But after a few months you eventually petered out. Maybe it got boring, or you were too busy, whatever the reason, it was no longer a realistic option.

This happens because these routines aren’t built to fit your goals or lifestyle.

Sure, they can help you hit your body weight goal, but at what cost? Giving up your favorite foods? Spending hours at the gym? No thank you.
3. You had the perfect plan but didn’t realize it!
You may have had the perfect nutrition and exercise plan already but gave it up too soon. 

Why? Because you didn’t realize the signs of progress or thought you should see results faster. I see hundreds of people make this mistake every year.

Here’s what happens: When people take up a new, intense routine it can lead to stress, which increases cortisol which increases water retention. So even while you’re burning fat you’re not seeing results on the scale because of that excess water retention.

If you kept doing your routine, you’d eventually see a massive drop in weight once your stress leveled out. (This could be as simple as getting a few good nights of rest.)

I see this all the time. Men don’t realize how close they are to their goals. They’re close to seeing massive payoffs but because they expect results too quickly, they miss out on them completely.

Without someone to tell you what the signs of progress for your routine are you’re stuck guessing and wondering.

Now if you’ve fallen into any of these traps, it’s not your fault.

It’s the media’s.

Because biology is complicated and...well...boring. It’s sexier to highlight Vin Diesel's new workout routine than talk about the impact of cortisol on water retention. 

The headline “One Weird Trick That Made Me Lose 20lbs in a week!” is going to get more clicks than “Normal guy gets in best shape of his life by gradually changing habits”.

But you know that second story is how real success is born.
The 6 Pillars of Lasting Body Transformation
Pillar #1:  A bulletproof plan.
It’s not enough to focus on just exercise or just nutrition. Lasting transformation is about getting the two of them to work together to drive you toward your goal.
Pillar #2:  Tracking.
Things that get tracked improve. It’s as simple as that. If you’re not tracking your nutrition, it’s probably not improving and neither is your fitness. Sorry to be harsh there but it’s the truth.

The good news is, you only have to track a few things (weight, macros, maybe waist or chest size depending on your goals). You can do all this before your morning coffee even finishes brewing.

(If tracking things like macros sounds scary don’t worry, it’s super easy. Any 8 year old could do it.)
Pillar #3: Accountability.
You already know how valuable this is. Having someone to call you on your BS and hold your feet to the fire is the difference between making massive change vs. staying stuck for months -- even years.
Pillar #4: Structure.
Without a set plan in place, you can get dizzy trying to figure out what workouts to do, what to eat, etc. Having that mapped out for you is a huge weight off your shoulder. From there you can put 100% of your focus on execution.
Pillar #5: Flexibility.
No plan is going to fit your lifestyle perfect out of the gate. That’s why it’s important to make tweaks and adjustments along the way. Change up your exercise routine, your calorie intake, etc. This way you can adapt your routine to your lifestyle. Unlike every other program that forces you to do the exact opposite.
Pillar #6: Expert Guidance.
Ideally you want someone to put this all together. Someone to create your plan, make changes until it works, holds your feet to the fire and keeps you making progress day after day. 

If you want all of this, then you’ll love what I have for you today.
Introducing the 12-week DreamBody Transformation Program
The Dreambody Transformation Program consists of 12-weeks of one-on-one online coaching. I’ll help you you hammer out a customized exercise routines and nutrition plan tailor-made to fit your goals and lifestyles.

For 12 weeks. I’ll take you by the hand and walk you step-by-step in creating the perfect fitness plan for you. 

You’ll learn what exercises to do and how to track your food so you can hit your goals while eating whatever you want.

This is a scientific approach. We’ll start small, test what works best for you, keep what’s effective and discard what isn’t working, until we have a complete fitness plan that’s easy for you to maintain.

I’ll be there every step of the way, to help you make adjustments and push you forward.

If after 12-weeks you want to keep going, you can. In fact, the average client stays with me for at least a year. Because they know if they ever get stuck, need a push, or fall off track, I’ll be right there to pick them up and pull them forward. 

Here’s a look at exactly what you get when you sign up for my 12-week Dreambody Transformation Program...
1. On-boarding call

Before we even get started, we’ll hop on the phone to get clear on your goals and how you want your workouts and lifestyle to look. 

We will:

- Fully dissect your goals and a plan to get there
- Discuss your health history and physical capabilities
- Learn about your lifestyle, so we can create a plan that makes sense for you personally

2. Custom Training Program

We’ll make an exercise program designed to fit your needs and goals. 

This includes:

- Frequency and volume that match your goals and priorities
- Multiple training phases to expedite progress
- Optimal programming: order of exercises, number of sets and reps, tempo and rest periods

3. Personalized Nutrition Plan

Over the course of 12 weeks we’ll hammer out a plan that let’s you eat whatever you want and still lose weight. 

We’ll cover:

- Sample meal plans based on foods you enjoy
- Meal frequency that fits your lifestyle – whether that is two or six meals per day
- Optimal macronutrient distribution for your body and your goals

4. Individual Supplementation Plan

Supplements are not mandatory but may accelerate your transformation. 

We’ll see if they’re right for you, keeping in mind:  

- Some supplements make sense for certain goals, and some do not.
- No diet pills or magic powders (obviously), if I recommend supplements they are backed with strong scientific evidence.
- A cost/benefit analysis of which supplements make sense specifically for you.

5. Motivation & Accountability

We’ll be in touch regularly to make sure you’re on point. 

We’ll have:

- Bi-weekly email updates to ensure your program is on point
- Log sheets for tracking both diet and training efforts
- Send me videos for exercise form analysis (even if you’re doing it by the book sometimes a minor tweak in form can blow the door open on your results.)

6. 100% Full Access to Me

- Access to my personal email account
- Big Dinner or Event coming up? Tweak your shoulder? I’ll help you make the adjustments you need to get to where you want to be.
- You will never feel “powerless” to the chains of your bad habits during our journey together. We climb this mountain and reach the top together, until you’re smooth sailin.

Is this right for you?
This program is not for everyone. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of exactly who this program is and isn’t for.
Who this is NOT for...
  • If you have severe injuries or are undergoing rehab. I’d love to help you but that’s not my speciality so you’d be better off elsewhere.
  • Bodybuilders or powerlifters. Again, that’s not my speciality. I’m passionate about helping normal guys who want to turn heads at the beach, not become Mr. Universe.
  • Magic bullet seekers. If you’re looking to get extraordinary results without ever breaking a sweat or following the steps I lay out for you, please leave. 
  • People looking to lose tons of weight or bulk way up within 4-8 weeks. This is about creating habits and routines you can stick with forever -- not a quick fix.
  • Guys living paycheck-to-paycheck. If you’re looking for the cheap option this isn’t it. I don’t want you to go into debt so if you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck already then this isn’t right for you at this time. Focus on your finances for now and I’ll be here when you’re ready.
Who this IS for...
  • Motivated men 25-45 with steady kick-ass jobs who want to get their health and fitness finally handled. 
  • Men who have worked our before and more or less know their way around a gym. If you’re completely new I can still help you but most of my clients have worked out in some capacity.
  • Men willing to sweat. I’m going to push your limits so if you can’t handle that then this isn’t for you.
  • Men willing to track macros, weight, etc. Exactly what you track depends on your goals and lifestyle. It’s all simple stuff and I’ll be there to remind you and hold you accountable but if you’re not willing to spend ~15min/week on this then this isn’t for you. 
When you think of how much you’ve spent on programs and gym memberships -- and how you’re still not at your goal, it’s silly what this program actually costs you.

That being said, it still isn’t cheap. I won’t go into price here because I raise it every 6 months or so (except for my old clients -- they’re locked in) and I know I’ll forget to update this page.

If you’re worried about the price at this point than this program probably isn’t for you.

But if you’re more interested in results than cost…

And if you’re willing to hop on the phone and chat for ~15 minutes before deciding if we’re a good fit…

Then click below to fill out an application. I’ll take a look and if it’s a good fit we’ll hop on a call soon so I can tell you more about the program.
Update: I’m currently booked up.
Please fill out the form below to get on my wait list.

While you’re waiting in queue, we’ll review your application to determine if we’re a good fit.
If you are, I’ll send you an email as soon as a spot becomes available and we’ll move on to the next step.

If we’re not a good fit, I’ll contact you right away, so that you may pursue a different option.

Coaching spots fill up extremely fast and clients stay with me for at least a year. So please fill out the application form as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions
Does the course end after 12 weeks?
That depends on you. You’ll have a great foundation to work from. But the longer we work together, the more we can continue to tweak and refine your fitness regimen.

Plus, I can keep kicking your ass in your workout ;)

We can cross that bridge when we get there. If you want to continue, great. If not, I’ll wish you the best and hope you stay in touch.

Do I need a gym membership?
No. But it depends on your goals. There’s a lot we can do with body weight exercises but if you want to really bulk up then finding a gym with a decent weight room may be necessary.
Can I hire you for just nutrition or just exercise?
No. Here’s why:

Let’s say you’re already happy with your exercise regime. That’s great. I’ve had plenty of guys come to me who only needed minor nutrition tweaks to see drastic improvements in thier body.

However, there may come a time where in order to hit your goal you’ll have to tweak your workout. If you’re hell-bent on keeping your current routine, then please don’t apply. I don’t want you to follow half my advice then be upset when you don’t get the results you want. 

But if you’re willing to dive in 100% then by all means apply today.
Do you coach women?
Yes I’ve coached dozens of women and currently have several women clients. 

One reason I’m focused on men is because I’m creating additional programs geared toward men.

But if you’re a woman and you’ve read this far and think we’d be a good fit, go ahead and fill out an application. I’d love to work with you. 

Can’t you just send me some videos?
There are plenty of places you can get workout videos or nutrition plans. This is about creating both exercise and nutrition plans that fit your lifestyle and drive you toward your fitness goals. There is no cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all answer which is why I don’t offer videos or nutrition plans.