Hi, I'm Sameem.
If you’re tired of working hard but not seeing results then you’re in the right place.

I’ll show you how to lose fat, build muscle, and get in the best shape of your life -- and stay that way.... without spending hours at the gym or giving up your favorite foods. 
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For the past 7 years, I’ve helped men lose weight and get in the best shape of their lives. No gimmicks, weird diets, or logging an ungodly amount of hours at the gym required.

I got my Bachelor’s in Exercise Physiology, my personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and a Precision Nutrition L1 certification. 

...but really, I’m just a normal dude who’s failed to change his body more times than you’ve probably ever tried.

Though I’ve trained Hollywood celebrities and worked alongside bodybuilders and fitness models, etc., my favorite guys to work with are normal dudes. Beer-drinking, football-watching guys with kickass careers who are ready to get this fitness thing handled once and for all. 

(Without changing your lifestyle.)
You could be next.
"Since training with Sameem my mode/day-to-day outlook is more positive and I can tell how this impacts the quality of my day and the people I come in contact with. Also, I'm in the best shape I've ever been in and I'm 30.”

Justin J, 
Lost 10lbs of fat and gained 5lbs of muscle in under 3 months